3 Tips to Keep Your Things in Good Condition While Moving

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  • 02.13.19
  • 4:22 pm
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Moving is typically difficult, and your belongings can easily be damaged during the process. For this reason, it is important to take the appropriate measures to protect your items. These tips will help you to protect your belongings while moving.

Try Adding Some Padding

One of the best ways to protect your items is by using padding for your breakable or sensitive items. It is also important to use padding in boxes that are not completely filled to prevent items from shifting around. Foam and bubble wrap are popular padding materials. These materials are commonly used to protect fragile dishes, pots, and pans. Newspaper and tissue can also be used as padding for dishes and other sensitive items. A moving company can provide a wide variety of padding to protect all of your belongings. If you are trying to save money, clothing, blankets, pillows, and/or bath towels can also be used as padding.

Source: How to Protect Fragile Items While Moving

Use Different Boxes

When it comes to using boxes for your move, one size does not fit all. It may be tempting to use the same size box for everything, but that is a big mistake. To prevent damage, it is important to use item-specific boxes and to pack your similar stuff together. For example, don’t mix kitchen items with bathroom items. Televisions and large pictures have boxes that are specifically designed to transport them. If you still have the original boxes for your televisions or other appliances, they should be used to pack these items. One of the most important things to remember is to make sure you don’t overpack a box.

Source: Home Depot Moving Boxes – The Definitive Review

Load and Stack Carefully

It is important to remember that protecting your items does not stop with proper packing. No matter how well you pack your items, it is just as important to properly load and stack them in the transport vehicle. Boxes that are stacked too high can easily tip over during the move and can damage your belongings. You should stack the boxes as low as possible and ensure that they are secured or stacked in a manner so that they can’t shift or fall. The heaviest boxes should always be on the bottom or closest to the floor.

Source: Load a Moving Truck Like the Pros

To ensure that you have a smooth move without any damaged items, it is important to protect your belongings with padding and to use properly sized boxes. In addition, the boxes should be carefully stacked in the transport vehicle to prevent them from shifting or falling.

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