4 Tips for Decluttering Your Apartment

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  • 11.02.18
  • 3:00 pm

After weeks, months, or even years of living in the same apartment, you might find yourself unable to determine how you got so much stuff. While some things hold a special place in your heart, there are typically some things that you can get rid of. That blouse from last year that still has the tag on it, or that kitchen appliance that you rarely use — you have things you can get rid of.

The idea of decluttering can seem overwhelming at first. However, nothing beats the feeling of an apartment that is in order. Here are four tips to help you get started on decluttering your apartment:


There are a lot of strategies for getting your stuff organized, but one of our favorites is to sort your things into specific categories. To begin, select a room with lots of extra stuff in it. Some people prefer starting in their bedroom as they might already have an idea of things they would like to purge.

The four main categories are things to keep, to toss, to donate, and to store. The reason you want to have all four groups is that there might be some items that are difficult to part with or that are too shabby to donate. For example, a slightly-worn shirt may be an excellent item to give away; however, a shirt with stains holes in it might need to be tossed instead of donated.


Many people who declutter forget that they can store items outside of their apartment. People sometimes regret tossing out things that they want to use again later, or items with sentimental value.

A wedding dress is an excellent example of an item that you might not want in your closet, but you don’t want to part with just yet. Storage facilities might have fees, but they’re still a good choice.


It’s easy to say you want to declutter. But the actual act of decluttering might never occur if you just talk about it. Weeks will turn into months before you see any change.

To motivate yourself to declutter your apartment quickly, set up a giving away party at your place. Invite all of your friends to “shop” your apartment on a specific date. By setting a day and having your friends act as accountability partners, it will be impossible and even embarrassing to not have items you plan to give away.


If your apartment still feels cluttered, the problem might not be your furniture, layout, or even your collection of video game character figurines. There’s such a thing as indoor air pollution, and what’s troubling you is probably the stifling way that your apartment smells. From HVAC systems to household cleaning chemicals, toxic substances are being released into your air on a regular basis. The results can give you headaches, eye irritation, and fatigue. Clear up your air with a good air purifier. If that isn’t enough, essential oil diffusers can finish the job by giving your living space a clean, relaxing scent.

Decluttering your apartment can seem stressful. Utilizing these tips will allow you to get focused while organizing your space. Our team at Westwood Residential know that a decluttered apartment is easier to clean and allows you to take control of what is yours. Own your things; don’t let your things own you.