Abundantly Appreciated

  • Posted by admin
  • 10.02.18
  • 11:10 am


As we look back on the success of Westwood, there’s been a

constant over the past decade as a factor in our success and that’s
our Office Manager, Pamela. But to just put her in the box of “Office
Manager” would be a disservice to describing what she has done for
Westwood and for our sanity this past decade. Pamela is someone
who knows this company inside and out. She was an apartment
property manager prior to being hired and is well versed in all facets
of multifamily. Through her employment, Pamela has spent time in
HR, Payroll and accounts payable.

Pamela is someone who works hard, and it sounds cliché, but
she comes in early, stays late, works weekends, and somehow
finds time to raise a family that includes three boys and two
energetic Labrador Retrievers. She squeezes joy out of every
moment with her family, and that dedication to her family allows
her to be right at home here at Westwood. Her motherly
commitment at home is seen and felt at the office as she
ensures that all fellow employees are provided for.

At the office, you’ll find her doing the small things and the stuff
no one else wants to do. She closes the blinds when someone
forgets, cleans up the kitchen, looks for deals when ordering
office supplies. She is always looking to save Westwood money.
You’ll find her archiving boxes of files that get inexplicably
heavy even when taking up just two square feet of space.
When you look to the success of a company many people will
point to its position in the market, its sales efforts, or superior
customer service. Most would agree. But the success of
Westwood comes down to the great people like Pamela who
keep it running each day. The small details are what matter and
Pamela takes care of all of them. It’s people like Pamela who
are the secret sauce to our success.

Pamela – you have been the ever-present rock during
Westwood’s best and challenging times. From all of us at
Westwood, many thanks for your hard work and dedication.