April Employees of The Month

  • Posted by admin
  • 04.08.16
  • 11:31 am

Appreciate You

AddissonAddison is one of many important members of the wildly impressive leasing team at Flatiron District Austin Ranch. Flatiron District is a challenging yet rewarding property and anyone that succeeds here shines. Addison is, to say the least, very sparkly! She has worked with Westwood for over a year now and has exceeded expectations with her top leaser stats and always impressive customer service skills. She constantly smiles and is enthusiastic about everything she does in work and in life and her team has grown to depend on her positivity and contagious energy! She is always willing to help others and never hides from an opportunity to help out with additional tasks. You can really tell that family is what makes her world go round and she has made us feel like we are all a part of it. Her team at Flatiron would like to return all the love and joy she brings to us and let it be known that without her, our day would not be as bright! Thank you Addison for all your hard work and dedication!


Erik EspinoErik started his career with Westwood in October of 2014 as a Porter for 945 apartment homes at Cool Springs in Frisco, Texas. He was promoted to the Make Ready position in just a few short months. His attentiveness and work ethic has made him a valued associate of the Westwood family and an impactful team member at our property. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure a job well done. His contagious positivity and dedication to Cool Springs is one to be admired by all. He is a true team player and is always willing to tackle any task given at any moment, even if it is outside the normal job scope of his position. The Cool Springs team has come to rely on his faithful work performance! His hobbies include cars and racing, Marvel movies and hanging out with his friends on the weekends. He also enjoys hilarious internet videos! Thank you Erik for everything you do, and going the extra mile every day!