Basket Loads of Fun

  • Posted by admin
  • 07.28.14
  • 6:56 pm

Laundry is a thankless job that’s never done.  How can we keep the laundry from piling up so that we can have the satisfaction of clean clothes all put away instead of a big pile of dirty laundry?

Here are some helpful tips!

1. Establish a regular laundry routine.  You can either divide out the days by what load will be done when, or do a little bit of laundry each day.

Sample laundry routine:

  • Monday – whites (includes white sheets & towels)
  • Tuesday – jeans and dark towels
  • Wednesday – dark clothes
  • Friday – extra load if needed

2. Purchase a multi-part, clothes hamper.  Instead of sorting all the dirty clothes at one time, place them in the proper compartment as soon as they come off.  If it’s a three part hamper, sort them by whites, darks and delicates.

3. If the garment does not warrant cleaning at this time, than place it back on the hook for another use.  Congratulations, that’s one less piece of clothing to sort, clean and put away.

4.  Create an ironing pile and a dry cleaning pile.  Move these piles along based on your need.  If once a week helps cycle your work clothing, than let that be the caliber for your clothing rotation.  If you can get away with a longer period between uses, then do so, but remember the goal is to avoid a mile-high laundry pileup.

5. This may be an obvious tip, but don’t stop the project once the clothes are done in the dryer and moved to a basket.  Fold them and place in drawers, or get ready for the hanger and place it in your closet.  Don’t make the mistake of leaving folded clothes on a bed waiting to be put away, this too can result in more work as they could easily end up on the floor and back in your compartmentalized laundry hamper.

6.  A helpful tip is to keep the process fun.  Want to give your closet a bit of a face lift?  Purchase nice hangers so that you’re excited to place your clothes on them, or organize your closet by color so it’s bright and welcoming each day.  Shoe and hat organizers are equally helpful.  If you keep the closet a bright place, you’ll be more inclined to maintain the upkeep so that it’s functional for you every day of your life.

Need to multitask?  Looking to keep laundry in good standing and spend time with your family?  Catch up on the day while folding a basket of laundry together.  Quality time can happen anywhere and at anytime, so don’t think it has to be one or the other when it can easily be done simultaneously.