How Living in an Apartment Provides More Social Opportunities

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  • 05.29.18
  • 4:52 pm

Millions of people choose to rent or lease an apartment instead of buying a home because of the social benefits it offers. It’s not uncommon for apartment complexes to have 200 to 500 units each, with some of these units housing multiple tenants. This creates a socially driven living environment that’s not found in traditional homes.

Nearby Parks


Although there are exceptions, most apartment complexes are in proximity to at least one park. When the weather is beautiful, you can head over to the park for a fun-filled day of outdoor activities with other like-minded people. Some parks are even built directly adjacent to apartment complexes, making them an accessible location for tenants. Parks are great for physical activity or for kids. Photo Via: Centerra


Close Neighbors

You won’t have to travel far to reach your neighbors when living in an apartment. Whether you need to borrow a cup of sugar or want to converse about your day, you can walk over to your neighbor’s unit. Over time, you’ll probably become best friends with your neighbors, forging new long-term relationships and improving your social lifestyle, and allowing you to host social gatherings. Photo Via: Rentopia


Communal Facilities

Many apartments also have communal facilities for tenants to access and use. A gym, for instance, is a typical facility offered by apartment complexes. If your apartment has a gym, you can work out while talking to other tenants. In addition to gyms, other communal facilities offered by apartments include laundry rooms, tennis courts, playgrounds and club rooms.


Cluster Mailboxes

Apartment complexes usually place tenants’ mailboxes together around the front office. Known as a cluster mailbox, it promotes social activity by creating a central meeting space where tenants gather to collect their mail. When you get back from work, you can head over to your apartment’s cluster mailbox to check your mail while conversing with other tenants. Photo Via: Money Q&A


Nearby Shopping


We can’t talk about the social lifestyle benefits of apartment living without mentioning shopping. To attract more tenants, apartment complexes are constructed in busy suburban areas. Whether you want to shop for clothes, retail electronics, food, kids’ toys or anything else, there’s probably a store that sells it near your desired apartment. In many cases, these stores are within walking distance, meaning you don’t have to worry about driving when shopping. Photo Via: Wall Street Journal

A more active social lifestyle is only one benefit of living in an apartment. It’s also more affordable than owning a home, allowing you to save money while building a larger financial nest egg. Make sure you secure your apartment to protect your investment.