How to Decorate Your First Apartment on a Budget

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  • 09.27.18
  • 8:29 am

One of the most exciting times as a young adult is getting your first apartment. For many people, it can be fun to have a place to call their own and have it reflect their personal style and taste. If you want to decorate the unit but are on a budget, there are a few important tips to follow to get great deals.

Shop on Holidays

Retailers are known to slash prices and promote their products on holidays to get customers in the door. The Spruce explains that there are two main reasons for these kinds of sales: One is to cater to a demand for a certain type of furniture which is in demand at certain times of the year. The second reason is to move old inventory to make room for the new. Make it a point to shop on holidays like Labor Day or Thanksgiving to make purchases that are discounted and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Research the prices ahead of time to ensure that you know what you want to purchase in advance and set aside the money for when the sales are available.

Browse Yard Sales

Set aside your weekends to browse yard sales in the local area where many people sell their used furniture for extremely low prices. You can haggle and talk them down to ensure that you spend only a few dollars for an item that likely cost hundreds of dollars.

Estate sales are also known to be a great place to find unique and high-quality items at a low price. Look online or in the local newspaper to learn about estate sales in the local area.

Use Your Credit Card

When it comes to paying for all of the furniture pieces or decor that you purchase for your first place, consider using your credit card. Use a credit card that offers rewards or cash back for every dollar that you spend to ensure that you can pay less to furnish the apartment. Financial Web recommends, “many stores will also include a hefty discount on your purchases if you agree to open a credit card through the retailer. If you don’t want to use a credit card, then there are other ways to finance your furnishings. You can also get funds by applying for a personal loan. With favorable terms, this is a great option to ensure that you don’t go without furniture.

Compare Prices Online

Instead of shopping in brick and mortar stores for furniture or wall art, opt for buying online to compare prices between similar items that you like. Online shopping allows you to browse different websites in the comfort of your home without having to visit the stores in person. Plus Voucher Code recommends, “you should take full advantage of coupons and sales to find items online for ridiculously cheap prices.”

There are also many apps and website that are available where users sell their items locally or nationally at low prices. You can check each day to see what’s new and view photos of the items that are posted to look for something that you like at an affordable cost.

Shop at Thrift Stores

You can stay within your budget by shopping at thrift stores, which are known to carry different types of furniture, both old and new. Whether you want to furnish your new apartment with modern items or prefer antique pieces, thrift stores carry a wide selection of items that are available for a low price. Not only can you get a great deal for the products, but many of the products can be repainted or can have their hardware replaced to ensure that it matches the rest of the furnishings in your home.

Many thrift stores also have sales days that are available where the prices are reduced to ensure that you pay even less. Also, thrift stores are always changing their stock as things are bought and new things are brought in. Nooga Today reminds us that “You can literally visit the same store every day and see something you didn’t see the day before.”

Visit the Clearance Section

If you want to purchase new furniture items or artwork without paying full-price at your favorite stores, consider visiting the clearance section where items may have minor dents or scratches. Many stores will also have show floor items on discount, things that are in practically new condition that were returned or other circumstances for cheaper than usual. The clearance or as-is section is a great place to find tables, chairs, and couches that have been marked down due to minor defects. You can often repair the products yourself to ensure that you own a new product that is a great deal.

Ask for Hand-Me-Downs

Your loved ones will likely understand that you’re in need of many types of furnishings when moving into your first place. From lamps to tables, there are a lot of items that are often needed to make it feel homey. Consider asking for hand-me-downs from your family members and friends to obtain quality pieces that may no longer be used or needed. Consider looking through your grandma’s garage or your parents’ attic for items that you can use and won’t cost you much if anything at all. Now, it should be said that for any time you’re asking for help, it’s important to be highly considerate. Paired Life gives some great suggestions like, “be grateful, ask questions, and be honest. If the giver understands what exactly you’re looking for, the chances of them coming with bags of things you don’t want or need is reduced.”

Decorating your first apartment doesn’t have to be expensive or out of your price range. By remaining frugal and doing a bit of research, you can find great deals that allow you to create a comfortable living space to enjoy.

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