How To Get The Most Out of Your Apartment Home Bathroom

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  • 07.19.18
  • 9:25 am

Small bathrooms are the reality that many renters and homeowners face. It isn’t uncommon for many apartments and homes these days to have small bathroom space. While you could lament over the space that you don’t have, you may want to try to make the most of what you do have. When it comes to a small bathroom space, you have to work with what you have. While you can’t exactly change the number of square feet that you’ve been allotted, there are certain design tricks to make your bathroom look bigger than ever. Read on for six quick tips to help give your bathroom a makeover, without knocking down any walls.

Reconfigure the Layout

What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to your bathroom layout. When designing with a tight space, don’t be afraid to make the use of every inch possible. As you plan what to put where make a note of what your needs are in the bathroom.

If you have any additional furniture in your bathroom, experiment with different arrangements until you find one that meets your needs while maximizing your space. If you have things like a stepstool or other things that are not constantly in use, see if you can find collapsible versions or somewhere you can store them when they aren’t in use. This will free up some of your floor space and make it seem roomier.

Take Advantage of Vertical Design

While you may not think about vertically designing things, this type of layout is essential when it comes to working with smaller spaces. When you are short on horizontal space, working up and down is the next best thing. Consider stacking your towel racks vertically so that you have several layers that you can hang your towels on. Similarly, try to place and photos and paintings in a vertical way rather than spreading out long-ways.

When trying to make a smaller space appear bigger, vertical lines are a great option. Vertical lines trick our eyes into thinking that a room is taller and broader than it actually is. Take advantage of this illusion by designing accordingly. Consider hanging vertical plants in the bathroom, allowing visitors to feel as if the walls are alive and ever expanding.

Never Underestimate Storage

The magic of storage space is that it allows you a hidden place to store away your belonging. Without clutter, the smallest of spaces will look as open as a larger bathroom might. As you work to design your bathroom, do your best to plan for any storage space that you can.

Open up the limited floor space by investing in off the floor storage. If you need ideas, think about turning everyday objects into places for storage. Hoping to have a mirror in the bathroom? Make sure it doubles as a storage option as well. Similarly, take any solid or hollow pieces in the bathroom and turn them into areas for storage.

Go Minimalist

Minimalism is a decorating favorite for several reasons. With smaller bathrooms, going for a minimal look really works to bring balance to space. Take advantage of your lack of space and keep everything else as simple as possible. This open look will work to turn your bathroom into a meditative space, allowing anyone that enters to feel at peace. A cluttered decorating style makes everything feel smaller, so keeping your walls simple will make it feel bigger. When considering minimalism, be sure to choose natural colors. Colors like white, black, grey, beige, and brown are excellent solutions to encourage a minimalist theme. Living in a minimalist home is also a great way to learn how to let go of unnecessary things in your life and feel more connected to what you have and absolutely need. There are plenty of resources online that can help you with this process.

Expand the Space with Wall Design

While a mural might not be for everybody, painting an in-depth piece on the largest wall in your bathroom can open up your space. Artwork that features a scene like a horizon, the ocean, a garden, or something similar can visually expand any room, despite how close the walls are to each other.

Similarly, consider hanging works of art that are reminiscent of a window view. If you can give the illusion of an open window in the bathroom, you will immediately feel like your bathroom has opened up as well. Just make sure you don’t put too many features on the wall, as this can make space seem smaller.

Expand Your Ceiling

Expand your ceiling by creating another illusion with molding around the edge of your wall. Installing molding beneath the ceiling will allow your ceiling to look wider. With a seemingly wider ceiling, the entire bathroom will appear larger to the naked eye.

Working with a small bathroom can be a bit challenging. However, with the right strategies, you can turn your small space into the star of your home. Use these six tips to bring your smaller bathroom to life. If you want more tips to make your apartment feel like a home, check out our blog!


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