How to Make a Rocking First Impression with Your Apartment

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  • 01.24.19
  • 4:47 pm
How to Make Your Apartment's First Impression Absolutely Rock

Even though you live by yourself, it doesn’t hurt to jazz up your apartment. You never know who is going to walk through its doors. Friends, relatives, landlords, or even prospective business partners may come calling. A messy apartment won’t do. And honestly, neither will a neat-but-bland one. An apartment’s look and style should make a positive impression.

What Do Your Decorations Say?

Plain white walls don’t reveal much. Adding decorations to the walls does.  Framed poster art reproducing Andy Warhol’s amazing pop art tells a lot about the apartment dweller. He/she displays an affinity to pop culture in an educated manner. Paintings featuring landscapes and natural beauty may also create positive impressions. Vulgar material, however, could prove inappropriate and disastrous.

Source: ULoop

Anything you add to the apartment — be it wall decorations, sculptures placed on tables, or the choice of furniture — proves revealing. Since these items reflect on you, pick things that present a positive impression. Go a step further. Select things that reveal inner aspects about yourself. These things will make an impact on people. So, allow the decoration choices to serve as an extension of you that yields positive opinions.

Source: Kelley Nan

Engage Sense of Smell

Sights and sounds aren’t the only senses affected by an interior. People’s noses pick up on the scents inside an apartment. They likely will remember what they smell more than what they see or hear. Keeping an interior clean and fresh increases the chances people aren’t offended by stale or lingering odors. Perhaps it would be best to act proactively to engage a visitor’s sense of smell. Making a unique, and layered scent that’s just for your home will make your apartment have a particular feel.

Source: Dimensions

Airing out the interior and using air fresheners can certainly help. Relying solely on these two steps won’t maximize the potential of scent. Look at products designed to establish the best scent in an interior. The products could deliver dramatic improvements you previously did not think possible. And you may experience surprise at the positive impact the new scent has on guests. Creating unique textures and contrasts to the smell further adds to the impact.

Build a Custom Entertainment Display

An entertainment system can incorporate many different units. Television, gaming consoles, sound mixers, Blu-Ray players, and more all work seamlessly together. An entertainment cabinet could safely house all these devices. Do a generic entertainment stand and accompanying cabinet maximize the visual impact of the entertainment system though? Likely, it won’t lead the entertainment system to deliver much of value in the apartment.

Purchasing a ready-made entertainment display may not be the only option. Requesting a designer build a custom stand is another. The custom stand may be designed to fit the physical and aesthetic dimensions of your apartment. With the right person at the helm, the completed entertainment stand could turn out to be a stunning piece of furniture that adds unique visual appeal to the apartment. The designer may require a bit of time to create the finished work, but the wait may be more than worth it.

Source: Custom Made

You want to make a good first impression on people. Everyone realizes this means they should behave with class and manners. Not everyone realizes impressions extend to dwellings. So, make sure your apartment also delivers a solid, positive impression.

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