How to Make Your First Open House a Success

  • Posted by Content Builder
  • 04.25.18
  • 5:17 pm

The process of selling your home isn’t as simple as sticking a listing up on a website, sitting back, and watching it sell. You must be an active advertiser if you hope to move your house off the market soon. An open house expands your marketing possibilities and gives potential buyers a chance to see the inside of the house up close. If you decide to hold an open house to gain exposure, follow these tips to make it a successful one.


People will only go to your open house if they know about it. Create ads and put them in open house directories online or create Internet listings. Post on social media in a local group for home buyers. Encourage friends and family members to share the date too. Advertising right within your neighborhood is another great way to get your house noticed.


Light It Up

Natural light makes everything to look brighter and bigger. Dark, dreary rooms with the curtains and blinds shut aren’t as appealing to buyers. Open all blinds, drapes, and window coverings. Turn on a few interior lights to truly maximize the brightness. In darker hallways, be sure to add some lamp light, or mirrors to reflect more light.


Provide Documents

Give potential buyers access to further information about the house during the open house. Include inspection reports, appraisals, repairs, or warranties, and blueprints if the buyer wants to add-on or make improvements to the home. People who are looking to flip homes will want to see this information to ensure they aren’t wasting their time on a home that isn’t suited for their needs.


Create a Neutral Environment

Make your home a calm, relaxing place to visit without any controversial pictures or decorations exposed, such as pictures of hunting or politically charged sayings. Some agents even recommend taking down family photos and other personalized items because it allows the buyer to envision the home as their own. Remove area rugs to open the size of the rooms. Rules of Renovation expert Hilary Farr suggests you stick to neutral colors and you remove anything that interrupts the flow of walking through the home. Avoid spraying air fresheners since some people may be sensitive to artificial scents. Open the windows and get some fresh air in your home instead.



If you have an agent working with you on the open house, there is no reason for you to stay while buyers are walking through it. It’s awkward for buyers who may want to remain anonymous until they’re ready to put in an offer. Take your pets away for the day too, and ensure any remaining pet supplies are in pristine condition and no odors remain.


Not all sellers have an open house, but if you do make the decision to hold one, make it a success. Follow these tips and you’ll be selling sooner rather than later.