Courtesy Officer

Frisco, TX


Job Summary: Responsible for assisting Management in providing a courteous presence among residents, assisting Management in the enforcement of rules and regulations regarding all common and recreational areas and responsible for patrolling the property for lockouts, disturbances, fire lane violations, exterior lighting problems, etc.

Supervisor: PropertyManager



  • Responsible for reporting daily any lights that are not working in the common areas, parking spaces, garages, breezeways, pool areas and all buildings, inoperable fire extinguishers, calls received and other incidents. (This report will be signed, dated, time of the walk noted, then placed in the night mail slot or in the Courtesy Officer Book). A police incident report will be attached where appropriate.
  • The entire property and every building are patrolled every evening, making notations of the times and areas checked on the Daily Patrol Report. (As often as possible in uniform.
  • Report any unusual or suspicious activity on the property.
  • When criminal activity is observed on the property, the patrolling officer should call the local police department immediately.
  • Monitor carports and tag any illegally parked vehicles, vehicles with flat tires, expired tags, or any inoperable vehicle throughout the property. If possible, take a photograph of the vehicle.
  • Assisting Management in handling any resident problems when so requested.
  • Attending as many property sponsored social functions or participating with our residents in crime prevention seminars on timely and informational topics when appropriate.
  • Conducting follow up interviews with residents who have reported to management that they have been victims of crime.
  • Maintain a courteous presence among the residents. Serving in any other capacity that will promote good will with residents throughout the community.
  • Checking limited access/entry gates nightly for proper operation.
  • Securing the fitness/laundry/clubhouse/pool and other recreational areas on a nightly basis and checking the security of the Leasing Office and Models. Insure that all exterior doors to the Clubroom and Leasing Office are locked at all times.
  • In the event of a resident being locked out of the apartment, the resident must show a photo I.D. The Courtesy Officer must verify the resident occupies the apartment prior to having the resident sign out for the key. Inform the resident of the $25.00 lockout fee by check, made payable to the property. (If the key does not work or they cannot enter the apartment for any reason, page maintenance.)
  • Courtesy Officer’s will always look for conditions that affect safety and security. These conditions will be reported to management on the Daily Patrol Report.
  • The courtesy officer will contact the Property Manager in any emergency so that the appropriate emergency and management personnel can be contacted. The courtesy officer may contact the Regional Manager in matters relating to criminal investigations, follow-ups, or any criminal activity when necessary.

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  • Meeting with the Property Manager at least once a week.
  • If you find a solicitor, get the name and phone number of the company they are employed by, as well as the name of the immediate supervisor. Escort the solicitor into the office and call their supervisor. Inform the supervisor that all solicitations are to be picked up immediately or the solicitor will be fined and prosecuted.

NOTE: The above job description is intended to describe the duties in general terms and does not necessarily describe all functions.

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