June Employees of The Month!

  • Posted by admin
  • 06.03.16
  • 12:45 pm

Salest RobertsonSalest is the Assistant Manager at Alanza Brook in Houston, Texas!  Salest does an exceptional job with every challenge that is presented to her and consistently exceeds expectations.  Her loyalty, dedication, work ethic and determination to be the best that she can be is deserving of acknowledgement and praise!  During Salest’s tenure with Westwood she has remained eager to take on numerous new roles across several different properties which all presented her with new set of challenges for her to tackle.  Through this time, she always kept a bright smile on her face and an endlessly positive attitude.  It’s rare to come across an employee who can roll with the demands of her job as easily as Salest does and she truly is an inspiration to the people lucky enough to work by her side.  She lives for her beautiful family outside of work; she has four amazing children, a precious granddaughter and is happily engaged to the love of her life!  Thank you Salest for everything you do, and for going the extra mile every day!Rudy Chacon 2and

Rudy is the Maintenance Foreman at Dorado Heights in Albuquerque, NM. Rudy  has worked for Westwood since May of 2007 but has been at the property for over 13 years. Rudy embodies what it means to be a leader, a team player and a role model of our Westwood values. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to go above and beyond for the property. He consistently does an excellent job and makes sure everything runs smoothly in the maintenance department while doing a number of other tasks.  Rudy is also very good about helping out at other properties when they are in need.  Residents here at Dorado cannot  say enough positive things about him and how efficient he is in his work. He is so knowledgeable and we at Dorado are very lucky to have him as a part of our team. In his free time, Rudy enjoys spending time with his family and new grand-baby girl. He is also a car fanatic and enjoys working on vehicles every chance he gets. Thank you Rudy for all you do!