What Keeps a Property Valuable for Buyers Today?

  • Posted by Content Builder
  • 02.23.18
  • 3:57 pm

In today’s busy world, people value user-friendliness and simplicity in everything from their email to their kitchen. Above all, the modern consumer values simplicity. Products that take extra time, effort, and parts to work are less likely to survive. This goes for home-buying as well. Selling a house means selling its best, most convenient features. If you’re selling and looking to add value in the eyes of a buyer, keep these tips in mind.

Home Automation and Convenience

Home automation systems serve many purposes. They keep your home functional and looking alive while you’re away. They take care of the daily maintenance and function evaluations which let you know how well your electricity, plumbing, and safety zones are doing. Home automation systems keep your property values high because it keeps you alert to danger in every way. If you want to add a little extra incentive for a buyer, include one of these on the property.

Perfect, Long-Term Foundations

As Millennials are aging into their thirties, they are looking for permanence and renewability. They don’t want crappy, third-rate homes that fall apart after a few years. Younger buyers are looking for solid, permanent, long-term foundations on which they can build families and multiple generations. They want sustainability in the highest form.

Have an official, heavily certified appraisal letter about your foundation in your hand to show to all potential buyers in person. Then, hand out copies of this letter as they are leaving to show how much confidence you have in the strength of your foundation.

External Living Spaces

Speaking of multiple generations, even the most independent and civilized of Western society is moving back to a more inter-generational family setup, with extended family and older generations in their own living spaces attached to the main house or in a small cottage or loft apartment nearby.

Highlight how spacious these living areas are when your buyer returns so that they can really sell it to their family. This might be a finished basement, extra office room, or even porch and outdoor space for future building.

Property Management Services

Property management services are another huge benefit to new home buyers. Having someone to keep the landscape and external parts of their home clean so they don’t have to is another huge upside to home buying. An existing, in-place property management service is great and functional, but if you don’t have one of those, you can bring one in when the buyer is checking out the house for the third time and recommend them. It’s a great way to make the buyer feel as if they would be living on easy street if they moved in.

We all want the perfect home and, since we love to heavily customize our spaces, we need a home which can take on the customization of many generations and remain timelessly beautiful and cool.