Make a Splash

  • Posted by admin
  • 06.29.14
  • 7:12 pm

With the onset of summer, pool season is in full swing.  Before you lather on the sunblock and grab that swim towel, remember that pool safety is top priority.

If you are supervising small children, please make sure to do just that, supervise them as water cannot only be fun, but also a dangerous place.  Because it just takes a second, or one turned glance, it’s imperative to have a good adult-to-child ratio.  If you must leave, for the restroom or to return home, please make sure your child attends that side trip with you or is left in the care of another family member.  For children who cannot swim, or are learning to swim, flotation aids should be used.

Remember, no glass bottles by the pool as broken glass can be hazardous in the barefoot environment.

If you have questions on your specific pool standards, please inquire at the community leasing office.