Seller Secrets: How to Get Better Photos of Your Home’s Interior

  • Posted by Content Builder
  • 03.23.18
  • 11:42 am

If you’re selling your home, then you understand how important it is to get great photos of your home – and fast! But how can you make sure every photo is a great one? To sell a home you have to make sure it’s best features stand out. Here’s a quick tip list for getting better photos of your home’s interior.

Be Prepared

Nothing says “Please let this house sit on the market” like bad angle shots to avoid showing a mess. Clean your house thoroughly. Have everything looking clean, tidy, and put away. Taking a great picture means showing off the beautiful interior architecture of your home. Don’t skip out on a good, thorough clean.


Make it Pop

Ensure you make any custom pieces like artisan made doors or custom decorations stand out in your photos. This can help not only to keep potential buyers informed of the kind of things they can look forward to but make your home stick out among others. If you don’t have any custom pieces, you can always toss in pops and splashes of colors through things like throw pillows and even indoor plants.

Use the Proper Equipment

Using a tripod is a great way to make sure your photos come out looking crisp and clear. It can also help if you’re having to retake a photo for the umpteenth time, your arms are exhausted, and feel like pulling your hair out. Make sure you have an adjustable tripod and that it secures your camera firmly. You’ll also want to be sure you utilize light stands, lamps, or some kind of illumination for darker rooms, closets, or other areas.


Light It Up

The flash of your camera will only work for so much. Having additional lighting (hence the light stands!) can be a real lifesaver. Additional lights help to give a full, clear picture without the dark halo a regular flash may leave. By all means, still use your camera’s flash, but play around with extra hidden or subtle lighting to ensure a fuller photo.


Hire an Editor

Hire a photo editor for a quick turn around on photos. using a professional editor can make a world of difference. They can utilize HDR and other editing techniques to ensure that every photo is its best.


There you have it! Now you can take interior home photos like a pro. While there is a lot that can go into it, don’t forget to step back and enjoy your home. Realize what you love about it and help it sell faster with your own confidence.