We have ROCKSTARS on the Westwood Residential Team

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  • 07.10.15
  • 1:02 pm

Recognizing talented staff members continues to be a top priority of Westwood Residential and Taylor Land Two Company.  Our company recognition strategy is designed to shine a spotlight on the far-reaching and profound impact our ROCKSTAR staff members can have on their communities and colleagues.  To be a Westwood ROCKSTAR you must demonstrate outstanding ability and performance in productivity, quality of work, congeniality, judgment, dependability, initiative, leadership and dedication to the mission and values of the company.

The team members recognized below are a perfect example of the unique and talented employees that continue our tradition of excellence in customer service.

Our Training and Marketing ROCKSTARS

Jen, Laura & Katie

Pictured from left to right: Jennifer Stone, Laura Spurlock and Katie Cooper. Our very own dream team!

Good work surely doesn’t go unnoticed around here, but sometimes we have a team that goes so far above and beyond the call of duty that it’s cause for real celebration!  Our July spotlight shines brightly on our incredible Training and Marketing Team led by the indomitable Jennifer Stone and supported by Laura Spurlock, Katie Cooper, Pamela Shamblin and Zayda Raimundi.  It is easily overlooked how hard this group works every single day by constantly creating new material to better prepare us for the many challenges and experiences we encounter in the field.  In fact, this team deserves much more than just a spotlight from us.  The honor of their support deserves a Texas sized plaque, a crown and robe of distinction, a golden trophy of greatness and a major mug of magnificence just to name a few!

I think we could all agree that the world as we know it would cease to exist if there was no Jennifer Stone.  Besides being generally brilliant at her job, she is a fiercely dedicated employee who possesses a superhuman ability to keep our entire company organized and moving toward the next level.  I’m pretty sure Laura Spurlock has 10 hands, though that has not yet been confirmed.  If something needs doing, she’s all over it and in record time, and unless she simply has more hours in her day than the rest of us, I don’t know how she does it.  Katie Cooper is a pretty big deal.  Her discerning eye touches every part of our new website frontier and it turns out, she’s really good at it.  Pamela Shamblin is a shining example of what a difference one person can make, especially when they’re wonderful.  And if you’re looking to have a great time while somehow accomplishing twice as much as you ever imagined, then you need some Zayda Raimundi in your life!

It’s safe to say that we have the absolute best Training and Marketing team in the game!

ROCKSTAR Employees of the Month

Sheyanne Clarkson


Pictured: Sheyanne Clarkson

Sheyanne Clarkson has been with Westwood for just over one year now and she has quickly become an important member of Olive Tree’s leasing team.  From the moment we had her as a temp, we knew she would be a great asset to our team and we quickly made her a permanent member of our community.   It is rare to find an employee who radiates positivity quite like Sheyanne does and she boosts our office productivity daily through her strong work ethic and determined approach.  Sheyanne’s love of her career is reflected in everything she does and proves to be infectious to everyone surrounding her.  She is extremely organized and focused on expanding her knowledge of our industry in hopes of growing her career.  In her free time Sheyanne likes to be with her nephew, her dogs and loved ones, while watching marathons of Burn Notice.  Sheyanne is always the first one to offer a happy thought or a caring smile and we appreciate her so much.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for you Sheyanne, and thank you for everything that you do!

Please visit the Olive Tree website for more information on making this remarkable community in Glendale, Arizona your next home!


Roberto ‘Tito’ Hernandez 


Pictured: Tito Hernandez

Congratulations to Employee of the Month Tito Hernandez!  He has been a proud member of the Westwood team in the Greater Houston area for almost three years.   Tito is the Lead Maintenance at The Retreat at Conroe and to say that he is a valued team member is an understatement.  He is a true leader and a man of his word that always gets the job done.   He started with Westwood at Alexan Fountain Lake supervising renovations and was quickly recognized for his hard work and positive attitude.  He can always be counted upon to show up with a smile and is extremely attentive to his property responsibilities and his co-workers.  Tito has been in the business for over 8 years and outside of work enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Lillian of six years and his lovely daughter Liliana who is five-years-old.  Tito enjoys traveling, being in the great outdoors, and playing or watching sports which has contributed greatly to his overall teamwork mentality and dedicated approach to his career.  Thank you Tito for all of your hard work!

For more information on the Retreat lifestyle in Conroe, Texas, please visit their website.


ROCKSTARS at our Property of the Month

City North Seattle 


Pictured from left to right: Alex Mokhnach and Mickelle Porter-Jackson

City North Seattle was built in 2001 and 2005 in the heart of Lake City.  The property changed management companies in 2012 and has excelled ever since staying within 95-100% leased.  It recently went through a renovation last year adding ten new units, a fully equipped fitness center complete with a kitchenette, complementary tanning room, and business center and conference room. Once the renovations were completed City North Seattle reached 100% leased for several consecutive months.  This luxury high rise building has a total of 94 renovated units and 9 commercial spaces located right in the center of Lake City.  City North Seattle is led by ROCKSTAR Mickelle City-North-Seatlle-500x400Porter-Jackson, who runs the entire property from leasing to managing all by herself.  She is assisted by her Maintenance Supervisor, Alex Mokhnach, who can turn an apartment in half a day if needed and still have that same smile on his face from when he walked through the door in the morning.  Together, this dream team has made City North Seattle a wonderful place to live and work.  Their strong teamwork builds relationships with the residents, future residents and commercial tenants making it the premier community in Lake City, Seattle!  Way to go team City North and thank you for all that you do!

For assistance in making this award winning community in Seattle, Washington your next home, please visit their website.