Why Rent Instead Of Buy?

  • Posted by admin
  • 04.24.15
  • 2:25 pm

Renting is the new buying!

While most people tend to view renting as a stepping stone to buying a home, renting actually carries a number of benefits that can make it a much better choice than buying.

For many families, the choice to rent instead of own is based on the flexibility and amenities that apartment homes provide. You are not locked into a mortgage, the property manager schedules and pays for maintenance, and you can afford a nicer neighborhood than you might be able to when buying.  Renting is a realistic, long-term option that many people are consciously choosing.

The amenities alone are enough to persuade many that renting is better than buying:  24 hour fitness centers, Clubhouses, media rooms, outdoor kitchens, sparkling pools, playgrounds, gardens and much more.  In addition, the dedicated staff and management team are there to take care of the property.  You are no longer responsible for plumbing, appliance or AC repairs and the long summer days spent grooming your yard are long gone.  Apartment life is indeed an easier life.

Renting provides a flexibility and freedom that owning a home cannot.  While the desire to put down roots and build a nest may be strong for many, the benefits of renting is beginning to make more sense in cities across America.