About Us

As a full service real estate organization, Westwood Residential and Taylor Land Two Companies offer expertise in real estate consulting, site selection and analysis, land acquisition, development, construction, marketing, leasing, management, financing and investment. While Westwood develops its own properties, the firm is frequently called upon by other developers for consultation, or retained to handle any number of specialized services.

In spite of this wide range of services, the partners in the firm have chosen to keep the company small, assuring their clients of the highest level of personal attention and experience. They maintain direct involvement with their properties, personally reviewing each on a weekly basis.

Westwood and Taylor Land Two focus on the development, acquisition and property management of multifamily properties. Both Westwood Residential and Taylor Land Two principals have extensive experience in the multifamily industry, developing or acquiring over 50,000 multifamily units, with a total property value exceeding $2 billion.

The Westwood and Taylor Land Two Group are fully integrated, delivering property management, development and general contracting expertise to each opportunity. Our 400 employees operating in four states throughout the southwest provide strong local knowledge and create economies of scale within our primary markets.

Land Acquisition and Development

Before Westwood acquires a particular parcel of land, a number of feasibility analyses are done on the site to determine its potential. These evaluations are done to ensure that the investment will create a viable, income-producing property.

The region, neighborhood, and property itself are studied, extensive data is gathered and final recommendations are made regarding the type of product best suited for the site. The results of these studies dictate not only the best use for the land, but the most appropriate product for the market.

Once the land parcel is deemed viable, a team is assembled to oversee the development as it progresses. Another team is also assigned to implement a marketing and management plan to enhance the profitability of each asset.

Multi-Family Development

The Westwood Group builds several product lines including “urban” high-density luxury apartments and high-quality “value” apartment homes. The former offers an “urban” designed property with a high concentration of units constructed around structured parking garages, with elegant clubhouses, resort style pools, and extensive exercise facilities. The latter offers similar common amenities, but the property is a garden style development, with less opulent interior finish.

From the outset, each property is assigned an experienced team of consultants. Engineers, architects and land planners work in tandem to create innovative site solutions. Together, they determine not only the right product for the market, but the appropriate design for the property. Market analyses are conducted, the results of which influence the final product. Then, taking all into consideration, the team creates a site plan and product design that best conforms to the physical characteristics of the property and the needs of the market.

Under the guidance of Westwood’s partners, over 50,000 multi-family units have been developed. The proven track record of success with these properties has produced quality housing coupled with profitable results for capital invested.

General Contracting

Westwood Builders, a division of the Westwood Companies, handles all general contracting services as well as provides contracting consultation to other developers.

By keeping this service in-house, Westwood maintains a greater degree of control than would otherwise be possible. Using time-tested systems, the company is able to build its multi-family projects on time and within budget.

Well-versed in the often complex issues of compliance, Westwood’s experienced construction managers adhere strictly to all building codes and specifications relating to each property. Working closely with the sites and municipalities involved, they are able to obtain the necessary approvals and variances needed to successfully complete each community.