Our Team

Kay Hall - Asset Manager

FSC Realty & Taylor Land Two Company

Kay started with FSC Realty in 1996 as an Asset Manager with the principal responsibilities of overseeing over 7,000 units in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas and Washington through multi-million dollar capital improvements. She is the point-person in preparing the physical and financial due diligence  on all new acquisitions, including, but not limited to, property analysis, market analysis and lease review.  Kay also acts as the coordinator between FSC Realty and its property management affiliate. During her lengthy career, she has asset managed and overseen the capital improvements for properties in excess of 12,000 units. Prior to 1996 Kay was the Regional Director for Lexford Properties for eight years, and her direct responsibility was overseeing over 5,000 units in as many as five states.  Kay was responsible for the hiring, training, and supervising of four District Managers, direct communication between the owner/client and the management company, as well as the financial analysis, reporting and due diligence of all assets.

Brad Hall - Director of Accounting

Westwood Residential & Taylor Land Two Companies

Brad began his career with Westwood Residential in 1993 and he is responsible for supervising the Human Resources Group and the Accounting Department.

Kris Hansen - President of the Northwest Division

Taylor Land Two Company

Kris began his property management career in 1982 with Trammel Crow Residential and has been associated with the multi-family real estate industry for the past 33 years.  Over the course of his career Kris has managed in excess of 42,000 units in 16 states for private equity firms, institutional owners, pension fund and individual owners as a Regional Manager, Regional Vice President and Vice President of Operations. He has experience with new development lease-up properties, mid-rise and high rise assets, affordable housing and distressed assets that require intense capital rehabilitation for market re-positioning.

Ruth Myers - President of the Central Division

Westwood Residential & Taylor Land Two Companies

Ruth joined Westwood in 1993 as a Property Manager and through the years grew into an even larger leadership role as the President of the Central Division. Ruth's multi-family tenure includes working cohesively with construction; from initial design and development through lease stabilization as well as re-positioning properties through extensive rehabilitation in order to achieve the highest revenue possible. Additionally, Ruth oversees the due diligence, acquisition and transition, and sale of the asset. Furthermore, she works directly with three Regional Managers to yield the highest financial return by achieving the operational and occupancy goals set for the property, while performing at the lowest expense possible.      

Sabryna Clewett - President of the Southwest Division

Westwood Residential & Taylor Land Two Companies

Sabryna began her career with Westwood Residential and Taylor Land Two in 2000. Currently based in Houston, Texas, Sabryna oversees property management for South Texas and Arizona, including properties in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Phoenix. She has four Regional Managers in her portfolio to ensure the client's occupancy and operational initiatives are met, as well as the revenue management and overall performance of the asset. Sabryna's expertise includes supervising new lease-up properties from the commencement of development through stabilization and overseeing multi-million dollar renovations on distressed and maturing assets. Moreover, she is involved with both acquisitions and dispositions and has facilitated more than fifteen property sales in the last five years.